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Submission Guidelines

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The GNSS Word of China, committed to comprehensively displaying the latest research achievements and technological progress of satellite navigation systems such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou in the fields of navigation, positioning, mapping, timing, remote sensing and other fields, so as to promote academic exchanges and technical development in the field of satellite navigation. The columns opened by this journal include: Beidou column,theory and discussion, technology and application, special topic summary, industry news, hot spot tracking, academician column, excellent doctoral thesis extract, GNSS standards and specifications, etc. The technical field involved: GNSS application technology, PNT positioning new technology and GNSS environmental remote sensing, etc. Published articles on innovative theoretical research results, practical technical achievement reports, comments on important technical and technical applications.

The following subjects are included:

1.GNSS user terminal and application technology;

2.Navigation and location services technology;

3.Precise positioning technique;

4.Atomic clocks and time-frequency technology;

5.Satellite navigation enhancement technology;

6.Satellite navigation interference, anti- interference and interference monitoring technology;

7.Radio wave propagation model and correction technique based on PNT;

8.PNT system and multi-source fusion navigation technology;

9.PNT Policies, Laws and Regulations, Standards/Norms, etc;

10.Beidou system engineering construction and testing and evaluation technology;

11.Combined navigation and positioning and information fusion;

Requirements for submission:

1.Please visit our official website to submit your paper. The official contact email is Another statement: This magazine has never entrusted any organization, institution or individual to represent the online solicitation, and must not be deceived.

2.When quoting or referring to other’s research results in the manuscripts, please mark the cited literature according to the relevant provisions of the copyright law, and specify the name, title and source of the original author. In case of disputes caused by copyright issues, we will not be responsible.

3.This journal is a public publication at home and abroad. Please do not involve confidentiality in your contributions. When you submit your contributions, please provide the examination certificate issued by the unit that does not involve confidentiality.

4.This magazine implements a strict three-review system. If you do not receive the notice of revision or employment within 2 months from the date of submission, you can handle by yourself. During this period, it may not be submitted to other magazines

5.This journal has been compiled into many network databases. The author's copyright use fee remuneration are paid only once.

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